Thank you all so much for these wonderful awards.

Please click on each one and visit their sites.  You won't be disappointed!

The Old Country Kitchen

Thanks to Gayla and The Old Country Kitchen for this award.

Petit's House

Thank you Claudette!

Anita's Recipe Oasis, Thanks Anita *S*

Thanks Anita!

Carissa what I can I say, this is a beautiful award and much appreciated.  Thank You!

Rose Kisses

  Thanks a lot Karen

Sandy's Down Home Cooking

Thanks Sandy, I love it!

The Executive Chef

Thank you Gregory

Thanks Brenda Kay for this wonderful surprise 

Site of the week award

Thanks so much Lynda

Bakmac's Cookie Jar

Thanks Kathy

My Country Treasures

Thanks Lisa

Right Royal Piggin!                   Less than Fiver award

Thanks Martha

Michelle's Country Cooking

Thanks Michelle

Thanks Grace

Aunt Runner's

Thanks Aunt Runner

Southern Delights

Thanks Jane

B & P Recipe Club

Thanks to the B & P Recipe Club

This was such a beautiful surprise, thank you Lori.  They are very much appreciated :)


A BIG thank you to Mommies on the Web for this wonderful award

Mommies on the Web

A Red-Hot Thank you to Cigarwrappers Chili Cook Off for choosing Uncle Bob's Chili as the winner for the month of June!

Cigarwrappers Chili Cook Off

Thank you so much Rexanne for featuring Aunt Lynnie's Kitchen in your weekly Web review e-zine.




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