A Basic Guide to a Well-Balanced Diet

I'm no dietitian or nutritionist but I do know to keep your family healthy and alert, your meals must provide a daily selection of all the food nutrients essential to well-being.  To ensure a well-balanced diet, simply follow the recommendations of the "basic four" food groups.

The "Basic Four" Food Groups


2 to 3 Cups for children under 9 years

  3 or more cups for children 9 - 12 years  

4  or more cups for teenagers

2 or more cups for adults


          2 or more servings every day             


Vegetables and Fruits

4 or more servings every day

One citrus fruit daily and one dark green

or yellow vegetable every other day


Breads and Cereals  

(Whole grain, enriched or restored)

4 or more servings every day


*Note: Butter or margarine provide additional calories for energy


You are what you eat: A Guide to Good Nutrition

American Heart Association Dietary Recommendations

Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Prevention.com - Cooking and Nutrition

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