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What can you do in 5 minutes?  With the hustle and bustle of today's world you may not think you can do too much.  But,  for just 5 minutes everyday you can, put a smile on someone's face, say a kind word or two, give a little encouragement, give a little praise or just make someone feel special. This is the main concept of Random Acts of Kindness and it can be done.  I'm so glad I joined this wonderful group of caring people that come from all walks of life and live all over the world.  They are united in the cause of spreading friendship and love to all on the World Wide Web.  So, if you think you can spare just 5 minutes of your time everyday, please consider joining us in trying to make our world a better place.

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The RAOK Group

Thank you Candi for this Guardian Angel, may she always watch over us all.

Recipe For Friendship

Fold two hands together
And express a dash of sorrow
Marinate it overnight
And work on it tomorrow

Chop one grudge in tiny pieces
Add several cups of love
Dredge with a large sized smile
Mix with the ingredients above

Dissolve the hate within you
By doing a good deed
Cut in and help your friend
If he should be in need

Stir in laughter, love, and kindness
From the heart it has to come
Toss with genuine forgiveness
And give your neighbor some

The amount of people served
Will depend on you
It can serve the whole wide world
If you really want it to

(Author Unknown)

I've been so warmly welcomed to RAOK that I just wanted to say thank you to all who have stopped by and visited and left me these wonderful gifts.  They are beautiful and I love them all.  THANK YOU!

Thank you Candi for this lovely globe

Thank you Gramma Meme for this beautiful welcome

Thanks Shnd for this pretty welcome card

What a cute welcome from Christina, thank you


Thank you Flutterby for the gorgeous welcome and the warm hugs

Thanks for this adorable greeting from Davey Lynn

A great big warm fuzzy welcome from Mellocup

Thank you Kind Soul for this welcome to RAOK

Thanks Shauna for this adorable Welcome

What a beautiful welcome Ma and Pa Frog, thank you!

Thank you Tigress, this is so cute and so true

Thank you Patchesann for the Angel Hugs

Thanks Janie for the beautiful globe and the warm welcome

Please sign my Guestbook before you leave.  I love to see who's been here, thanks :)

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The RAOK Group

I am a very proud member of
The RAOK Group

Join me in making new friends and helping to make the internet a better place! By spending 5 minutes a day and spreading around a little kindness we can make a difference!

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